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We are a team of creative professionals working together, with you, to turn your ideas into success.


At LifeLong we understand the business of design & brand. We believe that a great idea needs to be visualized before it can be communicated and that some of the most valuable knowledge comes through doing and not just talking.The LifeLong process helps promote that creativity and makes sure all our decisions are based on sound business and consumer  understanding.


We place the consumer at the heart of everything we create. This approach is supported with extensive brand research and a great deal of attention to detail which helps maintain quality and consistency across all channels. We built our agency to be compatible, working across different marketing platforms and technology. 


Once we’ve developed the concept and vision of an idea we work fast, prototyping and designing mock ups quickly. The technology we use is always relevant and understood by the defined target audience. This simple and efficient approach has helped us launch websites, marketing plans and social systems in the time that many companies would still be deciding on what framework to use.


Direct Response Websites are designed to entice a visitor to take action, they should have easy to follow navigation, and should use proven interactive techniques. LifeLong develops and designs direct response websites that help your business achieve an objective by creating a series of call to actions (CTA). These call to actions can include: calling a phone number, filling out a form, signing up for email, printing out a coupon, engaging in online chat and making a purchase. From business to business to business to consumer, let LifeLong’s direct response strategies go to work for you.

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LifeLong Marketing has been developing Direct Response websites and managing online marketing campaigns since 1999. 

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